Murgoitio Park & Public Testimony

Murgoitio Park Public Comment Due August 5th by 5pm – email

P&Z Hearing on Annexation and Land use Map Amendment – August 9th @ 6pm. (virtual and in person at City Hall – Effective today Masks are required!)

Application Numbers for Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Commission

  1. CAR21–00020 is for the annexation, park address is 3801 S. Cole Road.
  2. CPA21–00002 is for amending the Comprehensive Plan (Blueprint Boise) Land Use Map from “Parks/Open Space” to “Compact Residential” which allows for 6–15 dwelling units per acre.

Written Testimony

  • Send comments via email to the Boise Planning Department at:
  • Include the application number and address in the subject line and the body of the correspondence.
  • Request a confirmation reply to your email and keep this in case your comments are left out of the record. This is important evidence in a court case.
  • Submitting comments two weeks prior to the scheduled hearing for the project ensures that staff will have time to review them before turning in the Project Report.

Oral Testimony

  • Each member of the public has 3–minutes to testify which equates to approx. 500 typed words.
  • Take time to rehearse out loud for a smooth and confident delivery.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to use your time to simply state that you support the concerns of your neighbors, but most beneficial if you address the decision criteria they are required to abide by.
  • After the hearing, turn your comments in to the city planner and request these be placed in the record.

Being Effective

  • Focus comments on facts and specific project issues.
  • State your concerns to specific issues in the Comprehensive Plan (Blueprint Boise), the Boise Code, and the impacts on the neighborhood and/or community as a whole.
  • The more people at City Hall, the better, and bring the children, which is what this is about!

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