5110 W. Gowen Rd.- Design Review Committee Request

Boise’s Design Review Committee will hear this item at a public hearing at 6:00pm on January 11, 2023.

Project Information:

Case Number: DRH22-00439

Applicant: Insight Architects

Request: Construct a new Boise Parks and Recreation maintenance facility with two buildings totaling approximately 51,840 square feet and associated outdoor storage on property in a M-1D (Light Industrial with Design Review) zone.

To stream the hearing: https://www.cityofboise.org/events/pds/2023/january/design-review-committee/

To learn more about the project: https://permits.cityofboise.org/CitizenAccess/Cap/CapDetail.aspx?Module=Planning&TabName=Planning&capID1=22CAP&capID2=00000&capID3=017BM&agencyCode=BOISE

2667 Victory Way. 33700 sf Industrial Building.

D&A Door Company is planning on building a second building on their property at 2667 Victory Way. The property is east of Maple Grove and north of Victory, behind Maple Grove Elementary. Boise Design Review Committee will hear the matter at 6:00 on December 14.

How to Attend: https://www.cityofboise.org/events/pds/2022/december/design-review-committee/

Details at drh22-00414


2700 S Beverly, new 84000 sf Industrial Building

The Boise Design Review Committee will hear this item on October 12, at 6:00.

The property is east or Cole and north of Victory. The property is zoned M1D. (light industrial).

How to Attend: https://www.cityofboise.org/events/pds/2022/october/design-review-committee/

Details at drh22-00350


The above link has very detailed plans about the building design and construction. I could find no information on the intended use or tenet. Since there is no rezone requested, it is safe to assume that the use will be consistent with the M1D designation, and with the surrounding properties.

8373 W Victory Design Review

This is a high density project adjacent to three schools.

Layton Construction wants to build 301 units on the 15 acre  property. The property is on the south side of Victory, immediately north of West Junior High and west of the Boise School District offices.

The Boise Design Review Committee will hear the matter on April 13 at 6:00PM.

If this feels like déjà vu, in March the City Council approved the rezone of the property.  The design details were presented and discussed at length. SCNA President Estee Lafrenz put together a good presentation in opposition to the project, unfortunately it was not enough. The city council action was only for the rezone. The project design now goes to the DRC.

The project is still inconsistent with the surrounding homes, school, and streets. However thanks to the March city council action the proposed project is now consistent with the new zoning.

How to attend: https://www.cityofboise.org/events/pds/2022/april/design-review-committee/

Details at


2480 Beverly, 28800 sf warehouse

The property is at Beverly and Melrose, which is east of Cole and north of Victory. About half of the property is being developed. It appears the other half will have similar development in the future. The proposed development is consistent with the current zoning (M1D) and consistent with the surrounding area.

Find details at  https://permits.cityofboise.org/CitizenAccess/Cap/GlobalSearchResults.aspx?QueryText=drh21-00497

Boise Design Review Committee will hear this item January 12, 6:00pm at city hall. How to attend: https://www.cityofboise.org/events/pds/2022/january/design-review-committee/

1,000,000 sq ft Warehouse and Distribution center at 6259 Pleasant Valley.

The site will have 98 truck docks. While the address on the application is Pleasant Valley, the project does not appear to abut Pleasant Valley. It is east of Lake Hazel and Orchard. (That sharp 90 degree turn at the end of Lake Hazel.)

Read more “1,000,000 sq ft Warehouse and Distribution center at 6259 Pleasant Valley.”

(May 12) New self-service storage facility at 2007 S Saturn Way.

(May 12) New self-service storage facility at 2007 S Saturn Way.

The proposed facility will have 12 buildings. The property is behind Costco, between Saturn Way and Ash Park Lane, and is currently zoned C-3D, Commercial.

Boise’s Design Review Committee will hold a  hearing May 12, 2021, 6:00pm on the request. How to attend: https://www.cityofboise.org/events/pds/2021/may/design-review-committee/

Search dhr21-00146 at https://permits.cityofboise.org/ for full details.