SCNA Minutes May 13, 2021

Time:     6:00 – 7:30 P.M.

Attending:          Kathy Corliss, Mike Rush, Earl Hinrich, Marian Herz, Vicky

                              McIntyre, Marisa Keith (SW Alliance President), Chris Christman, Commissioner Jim Hansen

Agenda:              Discussion on roads in SCNA with ACHD Commissioner Jim Hansen


Our discussion with ACHD Commissioner Jim Hansen provided many pieces of knowledge on how roadways are planned, developed, and paid for.  Nuggets of what was learned were:

  • A City can do most anything needed by citizens
  • If an association wants to have change in their roadways, they must have a conversation early in the development of that roadway
  • Impact fees can only be charged when development occurs (starts); those fees are thrown into a big bucket for use by the City.
  • The extension of Lake Hazel is on the 5-year plan for 2023 to be planned and 2025 to be built.  We can affect this with our association plan.
  • Elaine Clegg, City Councilperson has been receptive to neighborhood comments and working with associations to build a plan.

Commissioner Hansen suggested we:

  • Study the Master Street map on the ACHD website
  • Study the Integrated 5 year plan-it tells us when the different phases are likely to occur.  This is important so that we have the discussions we need with Elected Officials to voice our association’s needs before the plan is finalized.
  • If we want to affect “priorities” for roads in the future, we need to understand the current priorities and speak up!  For instance, the current priority is to build out the North/South arterials.
  • Our association should build a plan to share with elected officials in order for them to know what we (the citizens) want in our neighborhoods.  We should work with other NA, if possible, to have a greater voice.

There is going to be a joint meeting of Boise City, ACHD, and Ada County on growth in the Southwest on May 20, at 11:30 a.m.  Check on the City of Boise website for details.


Vicky/Marian:   Update city/county elected officials to website.

Vicky:                   Complete meeting minutes and place on website.

Kathy/Mike:      Schedule and communicate next meeting

Earl:                      Look for “shopping card” plug in.

Phil:                      Edit the History section.

NEXT MEETING:               Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 6 P.M. at CHOW at Edward’s/Spectrum