New apartment and duplexes at 8373 Victory

A neighborhood meeting will be held at 6:00pm on Wednesday, September 28, at the south end of the property, 8373 W Victory. The property is adjacent to West Jr High and the school district buildings.

The proposed development is a mix of apartments, duplexes and townhouses totaling 320 residential units on 15 acres.

Contact for this meeting is Alex Drecksel, No phone number given, but you can probably figure it out from the domain name in the email.

You may recall a somewhat contentious P&Z meeting about the annexation and rezone of this property, and more, last month. Application ids car21-0020 and cpa21-00002. The application contained several last minute changes, the neighborhood meeting was very poorly conducted, there were questions why the applicant (the parks department) was including these non-park properties.

Something I personally found most questionable was the request to rezone without providing any detail on how the property would be developed. Parks did not identify the developer, nor any details on the development.

In the end P&Z acknowledged the unconventional nature of the applications. But decided that despite all of the questions the application was legal and approved it, stating basically you will find out what is planned for the property later.

Well, this is later. This is part of the development (15 acres of the 120 acre) that they would not disclose at the P&Z hearing.

Technically  this development application is separate from the previous annexation. It will follow a separate path (neighborhood meeting, P&Z, city council) through the approval process.

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