Murgoitio Park Working Session

There will be a City Counsel working session today at 3:00 pm at city hall. On the agenda is “Murgoitio Park Next Steps”. This is a working session, the public can attend, but cannot comment.

Full agenda and how to attend information can be found at

There will also be YouTube live broadcast of the meeting.

The calendar lists the start time as 3:30, I contacted the city and they confirmed that the start time is 3:00.

Originally a hearing, with public testimony and vote on Murgoitio Park was set for the regular City Council meeting (6:00) tomorrow. That item was removed two weeks ago. I know there is still some outdated information out there making the rounds. 

This is not over. The city is still moving ahead with their desire to build high density housing on the park land. They made some significant mistakes in the rushed first attempt to take away the park. Now they are moving ahead slower and more carefully. They will be back next year, with a well-studied and well-planned proposal.

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