Murgoitio Park Update

I am sure you have heard by now that the Murgoitio Park annexation, rezone and removal of covenants has been removed from the agenda of the August 9 P&Z meeting.

Here are reports from a couple of news outlets:

For those who were planning on attending, thank you. You can now enjoy your regularly schedule life on that evening.

A couple of things to note. First this is a sigh of relief, not a victory. Basically the city did not do their due diligence before starting down this path. They are taking the time to plug the holes in their proposal and they will be back next year.

Second, only Murgoitio Park has been removed from the agenda. They plan to proceed with annexing the school to the north, and a small parcel a little to the north and east. If you want to testify on these matters you will still need to attend on August 9. (If you do, you may be able to use this last minute, very significant change to the application request to argue that they need to reset the process for these properties as well.)

Here is the letter Jenifer Tomlinson sent to the city yesterday. (This letter is part of the “official record”, the news reports and press releases are not.)

The City of Boise proposes to revise the applications for the above listed case files. We request that the parcel located at 3801 South Cole Road otherwise known as the Murgoitio parcel be withdrawn from the applications at this time. The parcels owned by the Boise School District and City of Boise Airport will not be affected by this change.

  Now that the proposed land trade is no longer being considered, we as a city are taking stock of the updated value of the property and listening to community feedback related to its future before moving forward with the next steps in the annexation process. We can accomplish a variety of goals with the parcel including prioritizing housing at affordable rates and the desire for a park at the site.

 The City will go through the necessary steps to resubmit the annexation application when a path forward is identified. s will include a neighborhood meeting and notification as outlined in City Code.

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