Murgoitio Park Annexation and Rezone.

The Boise P&Z will hear an application from Parks and Recreation about the annexation and rezone of Murgoitio Park and the bordering school district property, August 9, at 6:00.

Applicant Description: “Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map Amendment to change the designation to “Mixed Use” for approximately 15 acres located at 8373 W Victory Rd and “Compact” for approximately 157 acres located at 3801 S Cole Rd. Also included is an annexation request for approximately 288 acres, with 4.25 acres with an M-1D (Light Industrial with Design Review) zone and 283.75 acres with an A-1 (Open Lands) zone. “

I am sure everyone has been following this, but just in case you missed it, the city want to scrap long standing plans to develop a park and replace it with high density housing.

Search CPA21-00002 and CAR21-00020 at for details.

How to attend:

The above link also has information on how to testify. This will likely be a long meeting. You can provide written testimony in advance of the meeting to Written testimony should be submitted before 5:00 pm, five days before the meeting. So, do not wait until the last minute, send those emails now! Reference CPA21-00002 and CAR21-00020 in your emails.

SCNA gets “equal time, up to 30 minutes” to respond to the applicant. You can leave ideas for our response here. You should of course also provide your own in person and written testimony. You get three minutes at the meeting. It is a good idea to rehearse your testimony so it fits in the time limit.

The city has not published the agenda yet. When they do, I will update this notice as necessary.

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