Meeting Minutes February 9, 2021


Board Meeting to Discuss Creating a Website

February 9, 2021

Time:     6:00 – 7:00 P.M.

Attending:          Kathy Corliss, Phil VanSickle, Mike Rush, Earl Hinrich, Marian Herz, David Hawk, and Vicky McIntyre

Purpose:             To discuss a website layout to be a formal location where members of our association and people interested in our neighborhood association can go to find information quickly.

Many ideas were thrown around on what might be on a website.  Earl had put together a basic site to demonstrate to the other Board members what could be possible.  We agreed that the site wanted to contain ongoing news that needs to be update frequently to “tickle” members’ interest in our association.  We need to provide contact to the leadership on the face of the page.  Discussions included such things as:  a privacy policy, documents, about, map of our area, a calendar of events, an “opt-in” sign up to be a part of the association or to volunteer, coming events, comments, etc.

Earl said that a Domain name costs about $15/year and that a web hosting agreement generally costs about $150/year.  Earl has said he will provide both on his personal accounts to get us started.  Earl uses a software package called “WordPress” that he says is easy to use and that it is“open source” software.  Earl will make all Board members editors on the website.  His site is  We all should go register on this site.

Topics that we thought could go on a site were:  Mayor McLean spoke at the Rotary, Bird of Prey, Discussion about district elections to be held in the city in the future election, etc.

We talked about how we might incorporate the Prison, Birds of Prey, and other areas of interest in our association.

Vicky McIntyre and Marian Herz volunteered to take Earl’s demonstration website and develop a more complete website for presentation at the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.


Vicky/Marian:     Design a website for the next meeting

Kathy/Mike:        Schedule next meeting.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, March 9, 2021