Meeting Minutes March 10, 2021


Board Meeting to Review Website

March 10, 2021

Time:     6:00 – 7:00 P.M.

Attending:          Kathy Corliss, Phil VanSickle, Mike Rush, Earl Hinrich, Marian Herz, Tom Coops, Vicky McIntyre

Purpose:             To review a website layout created by Marian Herz and Vicky McIntyre to gather input and ideas on how to continue.  The website’s purpose is to be a formal location where members of our association and people interested in our neighborhood association can go to find information quickly.

The website’s URL:

Marian shared her screen to demonstrate the website’s characteristics for everyone to review and comment.  On the top of the website page, underneath a scrolling set of wild bird pictures, is the headings:  Home, About, Development, Events, Meetings, Resources, Communications, Volunteer, and Contacts.  We went through each area.

Under About is:  History, Board, Bylaws, and Map.  These are self-explanatory.  Phil VanSickle agreed to edit the History; adding history prior to 2017.

Under Development was a discussion of what really comes under this heading.  Marian explained that we struggled with what to call this, as we first titled it “Issues”.  We later changed it to Development, because not all matters would be issues.  Earl embellished on how all of these are actually “categories”.  If you look at the left-hand column, the various Development topics appear there under Category and Tags.  As a person adds content, the correct category should be selected and appropriate tags should be attached to the post so that the software will accurately place the information into the correct heading.  It was discussed that perhaps a list needs created of the general categories needed and provide guidance for what goes under what.  Currently Earl has placed several pieces of content in this area to show examples of what could/should appear here.

Under Events is only the National Night out.  What we envision here are events for our association.  After discussion, the group suggested we list citywide events for people to become aware of.  Vicky suggested that the Board establish a policy for the listing of events on the website.  Vicky will draft something for further discussion.  It was suggested we add event content for Boise City, Ada County, etc.  Vicky will look further into this and present options at the next meeting.

Under Meetings is currently only the meeting minutes from January 12, 2020.  Much discussion revolved around “how to” display content here.  Earl and Marian may need to spend some time after Marian returns from her trip to figure out how best to display this content.  Vicky suggested having several more sets of minutes might help in this discussion.  Vicky agreed to type up the last couple of meetings so we could have additional content to present.  Somehow, a scheduled meeting should like the date/time, to an agenda, and eventually to meeting minutes.  This will get figured out in the next rendition.  Stay tuned!

Under Resources is a table of what we thought was pertinent for our area.  It was suggested to add the two trash company contact information here.  It was also suggested that we maybe put contact information for our State Representative/Senators on this page.

Under Communications is a message to send an email to Kathy Corliss if a person wants to be added to our list of individuals wanting to be kept in touch with our association.  Earl will look into a “plug-in” to see if we could build a form to gather this information and send it to a board member.  How this would work would need defined in a procedure that could be handed to future board members.

Under Volunteer is a message to send an email to Kathy Corliss when a person wants to help our association out.  I think this area can grow when we have specific projects needing assistance.

Under Contacts is the list of Board members again with their email address.

Earl then proceeded to show us how to log into the mail server on the website.  Open the URL: in your capacity as a board member.  (  It will open an input box for your board member email address.  I.e.  the password was given by Earl.  You should change your password to something you will remember!!!  This action will open up a “Webmail application.  Earl explained here that you can just forward an email from here to some other web server, but cautions against this because when you reply, the person will know your personal email address.  Earl suggests you “transfer” the email to whatever software program you use for email, so all of your emails are in the same place.  Instructions for different types of email platforms are available on the Webmail main page.  If you don’t forward or set up a transfer of your emails, you will need to establish a systematic practice of logging into this email account to maintain good communication with people who are attempting to contact you, as a Board member.

Tom Coops, who joined us because he got a notification, suggested that we find a way to “keep him in touch” as he wants to stay informed about our association.  He had just gotten on tonight to see what was happening, but would like additional scheduling time for future events.  He would be a perfect person to use the “Communication” tab on our website; as we need to build a better list of people who want to be involved.

Earl then made note that the website is currently domained in Google, which has an attached ICANN contact requirement of 3 people.  Phil and Kathy agreed to be listed on the ICANN list.  The website is currently hosted by Earl, under an already established account he owns.  The SCAN should prepare for a future transfer from Earl to an association domain hosting arrangement and an association hosting account to release an individual member from providing these services.  Perhaps this is content for a grant.

As 7 PM had arrived, we established the next meeting date and signed off.  Vicky, Marian, and Earl will meet up sometime in early April to make adjustments to the website based on this feedback so that another presentation can take place at the April meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.


Vicky/Marian:   Discuss a list of categories and guidance documentation.

Vicky:                   Draft a policy on event posting on the website.

                              Type of meeting minutes for 3/10/2021 and 2/16/2021