Meeting Minutes April 13, 2021


Board Meeting

April 13, 2021

Time:     6:00 – 7:30 P.M.

Attending:          Kathy Corliss, Phil VanSickle, Mike Rush, Earl Hinrich, Marian Herz, Tom Coops, Vicky


Agenda:              ACT Grants

                              Bank Account


                              Maple Grove Widening

                              Request from Boise Neighborhood Association

The website’s URL:

Kathy started the meeting explaining the ACT Grants and deadlines that are available to Neighborhood associations.  After discussion, three grants will be applied for:  Admin & Support, Celebration, and Implementation.  Admin & Support will provide funding for the domain, annual meeting costs, operational costs, etc.  The Celebration Grant will provide funding for the National Night Out event.  The Implementation Grant will fund neighborhood events to be decided by a survey of members.  The total that can be requested is $2,500.  The fiscal year for spending these funds is October 1 through September 30th.

Discussion on the need for a bank account ensued.  Kathy investigated First Interstate Bank that is located on Overland, south of Walmart.  Kathy and Mike will be on the account and we will use online statements.  The account has no charges.  Vicky made a motion to approve this bank account.  Marian seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

Kathy mentioned that the association owns “industrial stencils” for public use.  These were purchased using 2020 grant funds.  They can be used to create hop scotch courts or letters/numbers.  A checkout system needs to be established for people to use them.  Getting this information out to the association is needed.  Earl will look into a “plug-in” for a shopping cart type of usage.

Discussion occurred about the new website.  Additional information needs created to include city and county elected officials.  The website is “ready to go”.  Discussion on who can post on the website under the “Communications” tab.  Earl controls this and will look into other choices.

The issue of Maple Grove Widening began with a letter Kathy had received from Jim Hansen, ACHD Commissioner where Boise City Mayor has requested the widening only be 3 lanes.  The current project calls for 5 lanes.  Discussion occurred about the increased traffic that has occurred from the new developments in our neighborhood area.  ACHD will be asked to attend the next board meeting to further discuss this project.

The Boise Neighborhood Association has written to all neighborhood associations requesting support for the rejection of the Interfaith Sanctuary relocation to State Street.  After discussion, Kathy will respond to them that this issue seems more neighborhood centric, instead of affecting our association.  Our association supports all neighborhood associations for the purpose of improving their respective areas of influence.

Discussion about the absence of the elected Secretary then occurred.  The Bylaws were read where it identifies how/what happens when an officer fails to attend meetings.  Multiple communications to the elected Secretary have occurred, with no response.  Both Kathy and Marian have communicated (1/18, 1/21), attempting to determine if this person was going to fulfill the position.  The Bylaws say: Section 4.  Removal of an officer may occur at a special meeting of the members called and properly noticed for that purpose, by the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members of record present at the meeting.  A Board of Director who has three (3) absences for consecutive meetings shall be automatically removed from the Board of Directors.  A Board member who falsely represents the Association, as described in Article II, Section 4, shall be automatically removed from the Board.”  Marian made a motion to have Vicky McIntyre take over as the Secretary.  Phil seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  Kathy will send a letter to Elissa Maguire about the decision.


Vicky/Marian:   Update city/county elected officials to website.

Vicky:                   Complete meeting minutes and place on website.

Kathy/Mike:      Schedule and communicate next meeting

Earl:                      Look for “shopping card” plug in.

Phil:                      Edit the History section.

NEXT MEETING:               Tuesday, May 13, 2021 at 6 P.M.