Huge residential development south of Lake Hazel.

The area in question is all of the undeveloped space south of Lake Hazel within the Boise city AOI, between Cole and Maple Grove. One mile east to west, and at least a half mile north to south. This makes Syringa look like small potatoes.

If you have any knowledge of this development, please post it here. Also please respond if you were even aware of this development. Notices were supposed to go out to all nearby property owners. Since this is currently non-residential I suspect very few homeowners qualify at “nearby”, and the community is mostly ignorant of the planned development. But this will ultimately affect everyone who travels on Cole or Maple Grove south of I84.

I received a notice of the development due to my role in the South Cole Neighborhood association. The notice set off alarms due to the lack of information. It references a “Murio Farms” web site, without providing a URL, and a google search came up empty. It does not have a contact phone number. It does not have a city development record number. The description is a very vague, “a variety of housing products”, no actual numbers and no description of the mix. Such things are commonly included in neighborhood development notices.

The developer is The Land Group. I looked up the phone number and called to get more information. No one in the office would talk to me about the project. The one person that knows about it was temporarily unavailable. I was told to leave a message and I would get a call back. That was noon yesterday, still no callback.

The developer scheduled a neighborhood meeting next week at the Charter Pointe clubhouse (9301 Mossywood Dr) at 6:00pm April 20. (In person only, no zoom or other virtual meeting access.)

This may be a really nice development, the kind we would welcome into the neighborhood. Unfortunately, I do not have that information, so for now, I must assume the worse. If you are concerned about the traffic on Cole and Maple Grove, if you are concerned about the overcrowding in our schools, you should attend the meeting and let the developer know, and then let the city and ACHD know.

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