Plant a Tree

SCNA is exploring ways of working with the city of Boise and the Treasure Valley Canopy Network to plant more trees. Please visit and to learn about the programs.

Representatives will be on hand at our National Night Out event, August 3, 5:30 – 8:00, at Chow in the Spectrum complex at Cole and Overland. You can find out more about the program, volunteer, and see if you qualify for a free tree.

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Neighborhood plan, part II

I missed an important link when I put together the previous post. I think this deserves another post, not just an edit of yesterday’s post.

Please read:

This is not a tl;dr (too long, didn’t read) situation. Please read the linked 14 page document. Also, please form your own opinions before reading my summary. Several things that I left as speculation in the previous post are answered here.

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