Boise airport to rezone several parcels

The Boise airport wants to rezone several land parcels from A-1 to M-1D (light industrial). The land is west of the airport between Orchard and Cole. The parcels are divided into two groups, and there will be two neighborhood meetings.

The first group is south of New York canal, and east of Indian Lake Golf Course. Starting immediately behind the homes on Umatilla and extending east to past Orchard. The meeting for this group is at 4833 W Dorman, Wednesday, October 13, 6:00pm.

The second group is just south of Victory near Beverly, Fry, and Raymond streets. The second meeting is at 2800 S Liberty 6:00 pm Thursday, October 14, 6:00pm.

No information has been provided on what will be developed on this property or when the development will start. Contact Amy Snyder (city of Boise) at 208-972-8411 if you have questions.

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