Annexation of 8373 Victory (adjacent to Murgoitio Park)

The Boise city council will hold a hearing on the matter October 5, 2021, 6:00pm.

Search cpa21-00002 and car21-0020 at for details.

How to attend: (in person, zoom, or youtube)

You may recall that originally these applications also contained the annexation and sale (for high density housing development) of Murgoitio Park. The Murgoitio Park portion was removed last month just before the P&Z meeting. So Murgoitio Park is not on the agenda for this meeting. I suspect that the city will try to curtail any testimony about the park.

Still this is a step towards the annexation and sale of the park. This annexation of the school property creates a small section of the city that touches the park. That removes one obstacle to the park annexation.

The current annexation was approved at P&Z last month. At that meeting the applicant did not reveal details about how the land would be developed. Despite that and several other questions the P&Z approved the application saying basically we will get the rest of the details later. Since then, I have posted about a neighborhood meeting where you can learn about the development (300+ units on 15 acres).

That may be as clear as mud. Here is the tl;dr:

  • This annexation is adjacent to, but does not include Murgoitio Park.
  • This annexation was approved by P&Z last month.
  • No development details have been submitted with this application.
  • A separate application for the rezone (to R-3) and development will follow soon.
  • The city will try to annex and develop Murgoitio Park in 2022.

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