South Cole Neighborhood Association Policies

Accessibility Policy

We strive to make our website as accessible and usable as possible to all people.

Privacy and Security Policies

Southcole.org doesn’t collect personal information when you visit our web site.  You have to “opt-in” for information to be gathered.

Posting Policy

Anyone wanting to post content on Southcole.org should submit the content to the President for review.  The President will add a discussion item about the content on the agenda of the next Board meeting.  The Board will approve/deny the content posting and will communicate with the requestor by email.  Only timely content will be considered for the website.  If timing is critical, the President can obtain Board approval through a group email request of the Board members.

Linking Policy

Links to Government Websites

Southcole.org links to publicly available websites that are government-owned or government sponsored, unless directed not to by the agency that owns the site. Acceptable federal government-owned or government-sponsored website domains include .gov, .mil and .fed.us.

Southcole.org also links to quasi-government agencies and websites created by public sector/private sector partnerships, state and local government sites (e.g., www.idaho.gov), and some government-sponsored websites that end in .com, .org, or .net (e.g., www.usps.com for the U.S. Postal Service).

Links to Non-Government Websites

Southcole.org also links to websites that are not government-owned or government-sponsored if these websites provide government information and/or services in a way that is not available on an official government website. Southcole.org provides these non-government websites as a public service only.

Disclaimer of Endorsement

The information posted on the Southcole.org website includes hypertext links, or pointers, to information created and maintained by other public and/or private organizations. Southcoloe.org only provides these links and pointers for your information and convenience. When you select a link to an outside website, you are leaving the Southcole.org site and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners/sponsors of the outside website.