5121 Gowen (Indian Lakes) Rezone hearing deferred(?)

The airport wants to rezone the property east of Indian Lakes from A2 (permanent open space) to M1D (light industrial). The matter was heard at the P&Z January meeting. After some good questions from South Cole and from a couple of the commissioners, the airport requested and was granted a deferral until February 14 to improve the request.

A large number of people were in attendance to testify in opposition to the rezone. Only a couple were allowed to testify, the others were told to come back in February

Last week the airport requested another deferral until March 14. Such deferrals are routinely granted, and so it is unlikely the P&Z will hear citizen testimony at the February meeting.

This should be simple, but I have some concerns.

I came across the deferral request while looking for other information on the city’s documents page.


I tried to contact the city, I was promised a response from the planner and was sent to voice mail. I never heard back.

The status is listed as “deferral requested”, not “deferred”. It is still on the agenda for February. I am sure the discussion will go “That has been deferred”, “OK go home and come back next month”.

AFAIK, no effort was made to contact the many people who signed up to testify in February, or the many who sent emails. Apparently the city feels that it is ok to waste another evening of concerned citizens time without allowing testimony.

If you plan on attending Monday’s meeting to testify (or even to just listen), I encourage you to try to contact the city on Monday and get confirmation that the item is deferred. (Perhaps you will have better luck getting a response.)

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  1. I just heard from the city and they confirmed that the matter has been deferred. Apparently letters were sent to everyone that signed up to testify in January, so my concern was misplaced. The planner also said that anyone who shows up today and want to testify may do so. (But waiting for the March meeting would be better.)

    You didn’t really want to spend Valentine’s day at a P&Z meeting anyway, did you?

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