New subdivision at 7735 Victory

A neighborhood meeting is planned on the property, outside, on Thursday April 28 at 6:00pm.

The developer is Gem State Planning, LLC

I have a blurry copy of the plans, it appears to be 37 homes. I assume they are all intended for owner occupation. I have sent the developer an email requesting more information. I will update this report when I have more details.

(8/26) I heard back from the developer. The total acreage is 7.63 acres. 37 buildable lots, average lot size 5624 sf. All single family detached homes, to be sold at market prices.

8373 W Victory Design Review

This is a high density project adjacent to three schools.

Layton Construction wants to build 301 units on the 15 acre  property. The property is on the south side of Victory, immediately north of West Junior High and west of the Boise School District offices.

The Boise Design Review Committee will hear the matter on April 13 at 6:00PM.

If this feels like déjà vu, in March the City Council approved the rezone of the property.  The design details were presented and discussed at length. SCNA President Estee Lafrenz put together a good presentation in opposition to the project, unfortunately it was not enough. The city council action was only for the rezone. The project design now goes to the DRC.

The project is still inconsistent with the surrounding homes, school, and streets. However thanks to the March city council action the proposed project is now consistent with the new zoning.

How to attend:

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8710 Pleasant Valley Rd Annex and Rezone Deferral

The property is 80 acres on the east side of Pleasant Valley, between Gowen and Hollilynn. The proposal is to annex and rezone the property to light industrial (M1D).

The Boise Planning and Zoning commission was scheduled to hear the matter on April 4, the hearing has been deferred until May 2.

P&Z is recommending denial of the application due to lack of infrastructure. (Extending Lake Hazel to Pleasant Valley for one thing.)

South Cole Neighborhood Association has also filed a letter requesting denial to lack of infrastructure.

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