5121 Gowen (Indian Lakes) Rezone

The airport wants to rezone the property east of Indian Lakes from A2 (permanent open space) to M1D (light industrial).

The Boise Planning and Zoning commission will hear the matter on March 14 at 6:00PM.

How to attend: https://www.cityofboise.org/events/pds/2022/march/planning-and-zoning-commission-1/

Details at car21-00037

This item initially came to the P&Z January meeting. After some good questions from South Cole and from a couple of the commissioners, the airport requested and was granted a deferral until February 14 to improve the request.  The airport requested a deferral until March 14.

The development paves over a substantial amount of the rapidly dwindling open space in SW Boise. Large warehouses are planned adjacent, with minimal buffer, to the residential area surrounding the Indian Lakes golf course.

There are many reasons to object to this development. The Boise Open Space Alliance https://www.boiseopenspace.com/ documents the problems much better than I can. Please check out their site.


Maple Grove Road Virtual Open House

ACHD is planning to improve Maple Grove between Amity and Victory. They are hosting a virtual open house at https://www.achdidaho.org/maplegroveamityvic until March 10.

You may have seen the signs on the street, or ACHD postings, or received mail. If you are like me you may have thought “I will look at that later” and then forgot about it. So if you have not heard, or like me, are procrastinating, the virtual open house closes in just a few days.

You can review the three alternatives (3, 4, or 5 lanes) and fill out a survey to record your preference.

2587 Maple Grove, Rezone

13 single family, detached homes are planned for 1.7 acres adjacent and north of Molenaar Park. There is a request to rezone from R1A to R1C.

Boise City Council will hear this item March 15, 6:00pm at city hall. How to attend: https://www.cityofboise.org/events/city-council/2022/march/city-council-2/

Project details at car21-00036. https://permits.cityofboise.org/CitizenAccess/Cap/GlobalSearchResults.aspx?QueryText=car21-00036

8373 W Victory Rezone

This is a high density project adjacent to three schools.

Layton Construction wants to rezone 15 acres from A1 (open land) to R3D/DA (43 units/acre). The developer is proposing 301 units on the property. The property is on the south side of Victory, immediately north of West Junior High and west of the Boise School District offices.

The Boise City Council will hear the application on March 8 at 6:00pm.

How to attend:


Details at



Many of you attended the Boise zoning code rewrite meeting last week at West. My take-away was that the city wants to incrementally increase density. Not by big changes, but small changes such as allowing slightly smaller properties within each zone.

This project is an example of what was ignored, and got very little discussion. It is nothing like the gentle increase plan presented by the city.

The project is not compatible with the close proximity to the schools, nor with the density of the adjacent neighborhood.

The buildings height will be 40 feet. Certainly much higher than the surrounding homes, and probably higher than the schools and admin building as well.

The 299 units have a total of 648 bedrooms. Yet they only plan for 386 parking spots. There is no parking on Victory, the school will certainly not allow overflow parking in the school parking lots. The overflow will go into the residential area to the west.

!Deferred until April 4! 3750 Maple Grove, 43 new homes

The property is on the west end of Murgoitio Park, adjacent to the church, south west of West Junior High.

The proposal is to annex the property an rezone to R-1C. 43 homes are planned on just under 8 acres.

The application will be heard at the Boise P&Z meeting, March 7, 6:00pm.

How to attend: https://www.cityofboise.org/events/pds/2022/march/planning-and-zoning-commission/

Project details at car21-00046.