2022 Meeting Schedule

We plan on getting back to pre-covid regular meetings in 2022. We will hold monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at 6 pm, location TBD.

Here is Vicky’s first pass at a meeting schedule. It is going to change, that is ok, changing a plan is better than not having a plan. We will be updating this list frequently, and separate notices will be posted for each meeting. Please do not print this and stick it on the refrigerator. The refrigerator copy will not get the updates.

January: Identify and write grant application (deadline January 31)

February: Joint membership meeting with SWACA to focus on Boise Open Space Alliance

March Board Meeting

April: Joint planning board meeting with SWACA

May: Membership meeting on Murgoitio Park

June: Board Meeting / National Night Out planning

July: ACHD

August: Membership meeting on water issues

September: Joint board meeting with SWACA

October: City council members or county commissioners

November: Membership meeting on Murio Farms

December: Annual meeting, year summary and elections

3 thoughts on “2022 Meeting Schedule”

  1. Hello Mike. I apologize for taking so long to approve your comment. (It is an easily overlooked chore.) I will keep you posted and there are opportunities for getting involved. At the January meeting we decided to apply of an NIP grant to write a Neighborhood Plan. We need to hire experts and consultants, this is not something one person does with Word. If that is approved we will need someone to oversee the process.

    We decided to cancel the February meeting, we could not find a date when all board members were available (and we had nothing urgent). I will get you the details for the March meeting.

    I have a stack of development notices to get out today.

  2. Hello Mike, the March board meeting is March 21 at 6:00pm. The agenda is not set yet, but we will likely be reviewing progress on our grant applications and the many ongoing development projects. If you are still interested in attending, message me and I will get you the location. (It is at a board member’s house.)

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