City Council Hearing on Cell Towers

The City Council will hear on an Amendment to the Development Code regarding Communication Facilities on November 30, 6:00PM.

How to attend:

For details search ZOA21-00004 at

I tried to read the documents at the city site. There is a lot, and I could find no concise summary. The changes seem to focus on aesthetics and notification only.  The goal appears to be to make it easier for companies to install new free-standing towers and to attach equipment to existing structures (street lamps, traffic signals). But please do not take my word on it, if you are concerned read the proposal and attend the meeting.

Dense residential development at 8373 Victory

A neighborhood meeting will be held  November 18 at 6:00 pm at the property, 8373 Victory. The property is south of Victory and north of West JHS.

The proposal is to rezone the property from A1 to R3. The planned development is a mix of single and multiple family dwellings totally 300 residential units on 15 acres.

This is the second neighborhood meeting, the original proposal has been revised based on comments received at the first meeting.

Please contact Alex Drecksel, for details.

Annex and Rezone at 8710 Pleasant Valley Rd

The property is 80 acres on the east side of Pleasant Valley, between Gowen and Hollilynn. The proposal is to annex and rezone the property to light industrial.

A neighborhood meeting will be held November 18 at 6:00 pm. Zoom, meeting ID 595 261 8318

No in-person location listed with the notice. No details about the eventual development were provided.

Will Goede of Sawtooth Development Company will be hosting the meeting. For more details contact Will Goede 208-912-4869,