Plant a Tree

SCNA is exploring ways of working with the city of Boise and the Treasure Valley Canopy Network to plant more trees. Please visit and to learn about the programs.

Representatives will be on hand at our National Night Out event, August 3, 5:30 – 8:00, at Chow in the Spectrum complex at Cole and Overland. You can find out more about the program, volunteer, and see if you qualify for a free tree.

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Murgoitio Park Update

I am sure you have heard by now that the Murgoitio Park annexation, rezone and removal of covenants has been removed from the agenda of the August 9 P&Z meeting.

Here are reports from a couple of news outlets:

For those who were planning on attending, thank you. You can now enjoy your regularly schedule life on that evening.

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Murgoitio Park & Public Testimony

Murgoitio Park Public Comment Due August 5th by 5pm – email

P&Z Hearing on Annexation and Land use Map Amendment – August 9th @ 6pm. (virtual and in person at City Hall – Effective today Masks are required!)

Application Numbers for Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Commission

  1. CAR21–00020 is for the annexation, park address is 3801 S. Cole Road.
  2. CPA21–00002 is for amending the Comprehensive Plan (Blueprint Boise) Land Use Map from “Parks/Open Space” to “Compact Residential” which allows for 6–15 dwelling units per acre.
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Murgoitio Park Neighborhood Association Meeting.

South Cole Neighbor Association (SCNA) and South West Ada County Alliance (SWACA) will hold a joint meeting to discuss Murgoitio Park. The meeting is July 26 at 6:00pm at Legends in the Spectrum complex (Cole & Overland). We want to hear from you.

The subject of the meeting is about strategy, “How can we reach a positive result?” and “What is the best way to achieve that result?”.

The current city administration is not following precedents set by previous city leaders to engage in discussions with the public on park development. City officials will not be present, please direct comments on the city’s handling of the matter to the city. We will provide information on how to testify at city hearings.

Murgoitio Park Annexation and Rezone.

The Boise P&Z will hear an application from Parks and Recreation about the annexation and rezone of Murgoitio Park and the bordering school district property, August 9, at 6:00.

Applicant Description: “Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map Amendment to change the designation to “Mixed Use” for approximately 15 acres located at 8373 W Victory Rd and “Compact” for approximately 157 acres located at 3801 S Cole Rd. Also included is an annexation request for approximately 288 acres, with 4.25 acres with an M-1D (Light Industrial with Design Review) zone and 283.75 acres with an A-1 (Open Lands) zone. “

I am sure everyone has been following this, but just in case you missed it, the city want to scrap long standing plans to develop a park and replace it with high density housing.

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Murgoitio Park is still for sale

There has been a lot of enthusiasm on social media after the news came out yesterday that the Murgoitio Park land swap is off. It may be premature to celebrate.

Today at the City Council work sessions, Parks is going to do a presentation on the true value of the land and recommend that the city “surplus” (i.e. sell) the land. Basically they could not push through the sweetheart deal for the developer, so now it appears that they will sell it to the highest bidder.

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Child Care at 1471 Vinnell Way

The Boise P&Z will hear about a conditional use permit tomorrow, July 19, at 6:00.

From the application description: “The Sensory Playce is a sensory gym. They want to partner with Kids in Rhythm, LLC to provide preschool and therapy services during the day. The preschool plans to use a classroom within The Sensory Playce and use the sensory equipment in the gym as needed.”

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Boise School Board Meeting

The Boise School Board is meeting today at 5:30pm, 8169 W Victory Road. The meeting is open to the public, but no public testimony. Send your comments to the school board by email. I posted the school board emails addresses previously.

While I do not see it on the agenda, I have been told that one item will be the approval of the annexation of school property. The annexation is necessary to connect the city north of Victory to Murgoitio Park. Once a small piece of the city touches Murgoitio Park, the city can cancel the Murgoitio Park plans and put in high density housing.

Several people on social media have indicated that they plan to protest. Here is a link describing your first amendment right to protest. Know Your Rights. Please read it. Please follow the guidelines. If you do protest, do not disrupt the meeting, do not block people from entering the building, do not try to intimidate, and especially no violence or vandalism.

Meeting Notice