EnergizED Workshop: The Power of Diversity

The city of Boise offers workshops for neighborhood leaders. There is one scheduled for tomorrow.

This is a friendly reminder that the last installment of our EnergizED series on Building a Foundation for Neighborhood Equity, The Power of Diversity, will be offered tomorrow (April 28) from 12:00-1:00 PM via Zoom.

To receive the Zoom link you must register for the event – you can find the registration link here: https://www.cityofboise.org/programs/energize/energized-workshop-series/

This workshop will feature a discussion on shifting our collective narrative from problems in/of the community to the possibility within our community. Participants will discuss how to seek opportunities to engage with neighbors who may not have participated in events or associations in the past. Each will walk away with tangible ways for removing barriers to participation.

Boise Energize Our Neighborhoods Team

Development Application for The Sensory Palace.

The Sensory Palace is at 1471 Vinnell, between KFC and Chapala, west of Walmart.

The development application is to add a preschool service. The Sensory Palace is a gym for children with special needs. https://www.thesensoryplayce.com/

The owner is hosting a neighborhood meeting at 6:00pm on May 5 at 1471 Vinnell.

This is a nice, and a logical, extension to what is already there. I did not realize that these things require a neighborhood meeting until I got the notice. I can’t imagine why anyone would object. Maybe people should go to the meeting to congratulate the owner.

Murio Farms Specific Plan District

Here is what I learned at the neighborhood meeting.

The first step is annexation, and that is the primary reason for the meeting. The matter, annexation only, will go before the P&Z perhaps as soon as next month. There will be a traffic analysis with the application. (Currently not complete, but it will be public record prior to the P&Z hearing.) The development plan is in the concept phase, meaning everything is subject to change. Detailed planning will start after the annexation approval.

Read more “Murio Farms Specific Plan District”

Conditional use permit for 6335 W Victory

The conditional use is for adding an impound lot next to a pre-owned vehicle lot.

The property owner is hosting a neighborhood meeting at 6:00pm on April 26, 2021 at 6335 W Victory.

I do not see how this affects anyone. There are no homes near the property, and the property in under the airport flight path. Still, the owner is holding a meeting if anyone it interested. (Neighborhood meetings are required by city code.)

Rezone 8410 W Vincent Street

Rezone from R-1A to R-1B/DA. Search car21-00002 at https://permits.cityofboise.org/ for details.

The city of Boise City Council will hold a hearing April 13, 2021, 6:00pm on the request.

The property is at Vinnel and Vincent, one block south of Overland. The rezone will allow a second house to be built on the property.

How to attend: https://www.cityofboise.org/events/city-council/2021/april/city-council-1/